Guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre
Click on the date of the Scrutiny course to see Performance Information we found for participants' landlord bodies (links may have expired for older dates.)

Co-regulation gives tenants the key role of scrutinising the performance of landlord organisations.

We believe this means showing the right performance information* so

  • your scrutiny panel checks that your landlord meets national standards in line with agreed local offers

  • all tenants and residents can find information to see how priority services are performing

As part of this course we review landlord websites and help you consider these questions:

  • Is performance information easy to find and use?

  • Has it been produced with agreed tenant and resident priorities in mind?

  • Do the methods used to measure performance make sense?

  • Are costs explained so tenants and residents can assess value for money?

  • Are there, or should there be, benchmarks to enable useful comparison with other landlords?

  • Are there links to news and information about tenant scrutiny, so everyone can see what your scrutiny panel is doing to improve performance?

  • Is information available both on-line and in reports and newsletters sent to tenants?

Here are some examples.

Sadeh Lok has a clear link from the website's front page to performance information. So does Stockport Homes, whose performance page includes information about the scrutiny panel and a selected 'Top six' indicators.Performance posters from Newark and Sherwood Homes and Rochdale Boroughwide Homes offer different sets of information, clearly presented. Tower Hamlets Homes has some useful indicators well presented with trends over time. Endeavour Housing Association has a helpful range of indicators and explains its benchmarks.

Download examples used on course

*Performance information jargon buster (Word file to download)






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