Paul and Rachel's guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre, 15th September 2011

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Wolverhampton Homes – With indicators on four TSA standards
A2 Dominion – On line version of report with performance information
Crawley Housing - A new set of measurements 'chosen by tenants' to check on this Council's results.
Sadeh Lok: See how we can go from the 'front page' of this website to a performance information page. Then link to 'view the latest performance information.'
Solihull Community Housing - A report with 'headlines' and performance indicators
Salix Homes - Click on the 'Benchmarking' link to see an example of benchmarking using Housemark

Here is some performance information on the websites of landlords represented on this course:
Guinness Northern Counties
Hinckley and Bosworth
Housing Hartlepool
Leeds Federated HA
Orbit Heart of England
Poplar Harca


Produced by Paul Lusk for Burkitt Vernelle scrutiny panel training at the National
Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall.
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