Paul and Rachel's guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre - course on 12th-14th May 2014

We looked for performance information on the websites of the 9 housing associations represented on this course. We saw a lot of variation in the way these landlords publish their PI...

Liverpool Mutual Homes has a link to Performance on its homepage.

Magenta uses its 'dashboard' from Housemark to report on its performance

Eden has a link to reports in pdf format

Weaver Vale's performance page is about its STAR survey

Cobalt publishes quarterly reports and its most recent one shows a change to a new format

Mosscare publishes reports to tenants

See also:

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Produced by Paul Lusk for Burkitt Vernelle scrutiny panel training at the National
Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall.
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