Paul and Rachel's guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre, 17th August 2011

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Performance indicators in housing

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Erimus Housing - Look at the range of performance indicators - is anything especially helpful in understanding how this Association is doing?

Wolverhampton Homes - This ALMO uses set of indicators to report on four of the TSA standards.

Crawley Housing - A new set of measurements 'chosen by tenants' to check on this Council's results.

Sadeh Lok: See how we can go from the 'front page' of the Association's website to a performance information page. Then follow the link to 'view the latest performance information.'

Solihull Community Housing - A report with 'headlines' and performance indicators

Salix Homes - Click on the 'Benchmarking' link to see an example of benchmarking using Housemark

Here is some performance information on the websites of organisations represented on this course:
Wrekin Housing Trust
Roddons HA
Poplar Harca 

The A2 Dominion group 2010 report to tenants is on:


Produced by Paul Lusk for Burkitt Vernelle scrutiny panel training at the National
Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall.
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