Paul and Rachel's guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre
11th September 2012

Tenants of social housing should now be able to 'scrutinise' the performance of their landlord organisations. How is this working in your housing organisation?

We found performance information on these websites:


Rykneld and Gloucester City Homes both have links to Performance from their front pages.

Family Mosaic

Durham city

New Charter

Futures Homescape



... and what about these examples from elsewhere?

Stockport Homes (see the link from the 'front page' to performance on Stockport and Sadeh Lock)

Sadeh Lock

Wrekin Housing Trust

Erimus Housing

Wolverhampton Homes

Salix Homes

Crawley Housing

A2 dominion (click on 'key facts')


PI guides previously in this series (please be aware that some links will now be out of date)


Produced by Paul Lusk for Burkitt Vernelle scrutiny panel training at the National
Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall.
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