Paul and Rachel's guide to finding performance information in housing organisations


What a performance!

Performance information for tenant scrutiny: National Communities Resource Centre - course on 23rd-25th February 2015

We looked for performance information on the websites of the housing providers represented on this course.

Helena Partnerships publish PIs in an annual report to tenants. The scrutiny group is called the Value and Improvement Panel. It has developed its own set of PIs which are published quarterly: click here for a recent one.

Coast and Country provides a monthly performance report and links it with the work of Scrutiny

Muir Group publish monthly indicators for 15 items showing performance compared with target, trend and benchmarks

Gateshead Housing Company explains its thinking behind performance indicators as well as providing a lively performance report






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Produced by Paul Lusk for Burkitt Vernelle scrutiny panel training at the National
Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall.
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