The management agreement


What’s this about?

Greengate will have a management agreement with the landlord. Under this agreement, Greengate will manage services on behalf of the landlord. Greengate will receive money based on what the landlord would otherwise have to spend running those services. It will use the money to employ staff and contractors. Any money left over can be put aside and used for improving homes and other community purposes

The prroposed agreement follows a government model called the 'Modular Management Agreement' (MMA). This sets out choices for each main service. After stock transfer to Salix homes, this agreement will be amended where the law for 'private sector registered providers' is different from the law for a council.

The management agreement does not change people's tenancies. Tenants will continue to be tenants of the landlord. Tenants will have all their individual rights protected.



Download the Modular Management Agreement

Download a breakdown of the services listed in the MMA