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The Jesus Candidate: Political religion in a secular age.

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Tortoise Media, 30th October 2020

Bargain of the century:the ‘grand bargain’ that bound the Republican Party to Evangelical Christians may be the most consequential political deal of modern times

Anabaptism Today (issue 2.2), October 2020

The State in the Bible

Hertford Blog, August 2020

The Truth about the Housing Crisis

EN, May 2020

Cecile Laborde: Liberalism's religion (review)

EN, January 2020

Robert Louis Wilken: Liberty in the things of God - the Christian origins of religious freedom (review)

EN, December 2019

Mostyn Roberts: Subversive Puritan - Roger Williams and Liberty of Conscience (review)

Anabaptism Today (issue 1.2), October 2019

Reappraising the English Anabaptists in the time of the Revolution: Article 50 of the 1646 confession in Anabaptism Today

EN, July 2019

Joseph Boot: Mission of God and other titles (review)

EN, April 2018

Andrea Hatcher, Political and religious identities of British Evangelicals (review)

EN, February 2018

Lydia Bean: The politics of evangelical identity - Local churches and partisan divides in the USA and Canada (review), 12 December 2017

Why Tim Farron's wrong: There are shared values and they matter 12 October 2017

The religious right supports council prayers – until they’re Islamic

Ekklesia,2017 The Jesus Candidate cover

The Jesus Candidate: Political religion in a secular age.

Ekklesia, 2016

Foxes have holdes, Ekklesia, 2016


For Richer, For Richer (why building more homes won't fix the UK housing crisis) IN Foxes have Holes: Christian reflections on Britain's housing need

EN, June 2015

Inventing the Individual, by Larry Siedentop (review)

Inside Housing, 11 Oct 2013

Magic Numbers: Housebuilding isn’t what we need

EN, April 2012

D. G. Hart, from Billy Graham to Sarah Palin: Evangelicals and the betrayal of American conservatism (review)

EN, June 2008

Stephen McQuoid, The quest for true tolerance: searching for a tolerance that does not make society sick AND Angus Morrison (ed.), Tolerance and Truth: the spirit of the age or the spirit of God? (Review)

EN, September 2007

Stephen Cook (ed) Tales of Two cities: Christianity and Politics
Jonathan Bartley: Faith and politics after Christendom: the church as a movement for anarchy
Alan Storkey, Jesus and Politics: confronting the powers (Review)

EN, November 2004

Howard Taylor, Human Rights, its culture and moral confusions (review)

EN, August 2003

Christopher Catherwood, Whose side is God on? Nationalism and Christianity (review)

EN, January 2003

Jim Wallis, Faith Works (review)

EN, August 1998

In defence of pluralism

Arena, 1997: Housing, Community and Conflict ed. Cooper and Hawtin

Tenants’ choice and tenant management: who owns and who controls social housing (Chapter 3)

EN, August 1996

Will Hutton, The State we’re in (review)

Roof, Nov/Dec 1989

No Go: racism and housing in Liverpool


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