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Writhlington Residents Association run their landscaping services on behalf of their landlord, Curo Housing Association. A Community Cashback starter grant helped buy equipment to get going

Residents take charge

By running their own local services, tenant and resident groups can save on costs and control the cash landlords spend on management and maintenance. It's good for choice, value for money, community spirit and meeting local priorities. It's been my privilege to help many tenant co-ops build new houses and manage their homes and neighbourhoods.

For more information about tenants in control visit the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations. For more about Community Cashback go to tenant central at TPAS. For housing co-ops visit the Confederation of Co-operative Housing.

The Please Please Me generation ... holding the key to housing justice?

An idea for co-operative change ... Click for my evidence to the Lyons review


Anti social behaviour - what's in the new law?

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Local resident Peter Edginton puts a question at the Heath Big Local annual meeting

Local resident Peter Edgington puts a searching question at the Heath Big Local annual meeting on 15th November 2014

Heath Big Local in Uttoxeter held its second annual meeting in November. Residents backed their Partnership's plans to spend £1million of Lottery funds on locally chosen projects including green spaces, upgrading their community centre, and building a palliative care hub linked to a local hospice. A 'community chest' will offer grants for initiatives providing local benefit or starting new enterprises.

Heath is among the earliest 'Wave 3' Big local areas (announced in December 2012) to have its 10-year resident-led plan signed off by Local Trust.As 'Rep' I've been helping the area and stakeholders make the most of the Big Local opportunity.

Click for more about Heath Big Local, Local Trust and Uttoxeter.

Paul Lusk

Future of the Paul Lusk consultancy

I've been around work with community-run housing and neighbourhoods since the 1970s. It's been a wonderful career with many highlights. But time's arrived to focus on other things. While finishing commitments I'm not starting anything new. Sue McGavin is my successor as Rep at the Heath. Louise Thompson will be working with Rachel Vernelle on training in tenant scrutiny and performance. I am still working with some tenant management organisations including Greengate in Salford and with Community Cashback. Training materials and resources are available free to anyone who wants to use them - call or drop a line if you'd like to know more.